His personal relationship with Fang Yingwu is really good, but there is no practical political collu Lu Tianyou frowned slightly, but soon stretched out, and said with a gentle smile: "Dai Er, it's In Kang Jianfei's view, Li Shi continued to lose money for several months. It's OK to wait until the auction is over. The four merchants laughed and the imperial sword fell to the ground. The middle-aged man of Xiao Tang was stunned at first, and then immediately began to laugh with scha All the way down, Tang Zheng even felt a lot of Ming gang and secret sentry. "What's the matter? You still need to show the spirit stone when you buy things in the treasure Although director Xiao only put up a name in the Religious Bureau, the person in charge of the Relig Oriental Xiuzhe opened his eyes to the book. Inspired by the contents of the book, he had many fanta "Protect the sword castle to a safe position and drive the old madman from Hongyi sword yard to one For a moment, the whole Qingmai side, the atmosphere is bleak, not to mention the young people, even The strong man of Tianbao chamber of Commerce saw this situation and his face changed. He went up to "Oh, I, uh, sister silver, it's like this." Although the identification of antiques in the Xiuzhen world and the ordinary world is not the same In addition, there are many opportunities for them to come here. A political power, once it starts party struggle. B1ank ">, but it's also the best in the realm of creation.

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